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PostSubject: COMMISSIONER'S CHALLENGE!   Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:02 am


ENTRY DEADLINE: Wednesday, 7pm ET

DETAILS: The Commish hereby challenges everyone to game of Strikeout! Think of me as the pitcher...and you're the batter. I'm going to toss three stats to contestants over the next few days and your job is guess whether the stat will be over or under what I project. If you're correct, you get a hit and earn two points. But if you're wrong, you get a strike. Three strikes and you're out. Your goal is to get as many hits as possible before striking out. In the event of a tie, we'll call it a ball.

The contest will continue until one person is left standing as the Strikeout! champion.

Everyone ready? Batters up!

The first three pitches are focused on the Giants/Rockies match-up on Wednesday. Here are my projections:
1) The Giants will score FOUR runs against the Rockies
2) Ubaldo Jimenez will strike out FIVE batters
3) Colordo batters will get SIX hits

Your over-under picks must be received via email or posted by 7pm ET Wednesday, September 1st

Game on gentlemen!

-You are presented with three stats
-Decide whether the actual result will be over or under my projection
-A "hit" is awarded if you're correct = 2pts
-A "strike" is charged if you're wrong
-"Ball" if there is a tie
-The contestant who lasts the longest is the Strikeout! champ
-Hits do not reset the strike count
-Choosing not to answer a question is a "called strike"...because I'm that good!

-Five points for entering
-Two points are awarded for each hit
-Ten bonus points awarded to the winner of Strikeout!
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