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 Commissioner's Challenge!

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PostSubject: Commissioner's Challenge!   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:19 pm


ENTRY DEADLINE: 7pm EST Monday, March 1st

DETAILS: March Madness is usually associated with College Basketball perfection. If a team loses in March, its season is done. Our version of March Madness is similar. As long as your teams win, you stay alive in this challenge!

Here are the rules...

There are two rounds. In Round One each owner must choose one American League and one National League team he believes will go undefeated the longest from the opening day of Spring Training (March 2nd). Only games that count in the MLB standings are allowed. If it counts in the MLB standings, it counts in our competition. The top four finishers advance to Round Two. If there is a tie, a tie breaker will be announced.

The Final Four competitors advance to Round Two. Each of the four must select one team (American or National) he believes will go undeated from March 15th on. The Final Four owners cannot select the teams they chose in Round One. The four owners will be seeded with the #1 owner getting his team choice first. Seedings will be based on how well the owners did in Round One/Commissioner's Cup Standings.

The Final Four owner whose team wins the most consecutive games after March 15th wins the March Madness Challenge!

-Deadline for entry is 7pm ET Monday, March 1st
-There are two (2) rounds in this competition
-Round One: Select one (1) American and one (1) National League team you think will go undefeated the longest in Spring Training
-Only games counted in the MLB standings count in our contest
-The top four owners advance to Round Two and become our Final Four
-Round Two: Final Four contestants choose one (1) MLB team they think will go undefeated the longest from March 15th on
-Final Four contestants cannot choose the same team they picked in Round One
-Final Four contestants will be ranked 1-4 with #1 getting his choice first
-The Final Four contestant whose MLB team wins the most consecutive games after March 15th wins the challenge

-5pts for entering
-5pts for advancing to the Final Four
-5pts for winning March Madness
-Total maximum points = 15pts

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Commissioner's Challenge!
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