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 Legends League Home Run Derby - 2nd Half

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PostSubject: Legends League Home Run Derby - 2nd Half   Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:18 pm

COMMISSIONER'S CHALLENGE: 2010 Legends League Home Run Derby -2nd Half

ENTRY DEADLINE: Thursday, July 22 7:30pm ET

DETAILS: It's time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh...part two of the Legends League Home Run Derby is here. If you didn't perform so well in the first half of the derby, this is your chance for redemption.

Here are the rules:
Batters have been divided into four brackets A, B, C, D based on their 2010 HRs
A – Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto
B – Adam Dunn, Corey Hart, Albert Pujols, Paul Konerko,
C – Prince Fielder, Vladimir Guerrero, Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Howard, Mark Reynolds, Vernon Wells, Carlos Pena, Carlos Quentin
D – All other batters

1) Each owner must put together a team of eight batters:
- One (1) A player
- One (1) B player
- Two (2) C players
- Four (4) D players (any batters except those in categories A,B,C)

2) This is not a draft. You may choose any players you want.

3) Your top seven hitters' HRs are counted toward your total. Your lowest HR hitter's total is dropped and will be used as a tiebreaker if two or more owners are tied at the end of the event.

4) The season is divided into two halves-- First Half/Second Half. The person who leads the HR Derby at the end of the regular season is the Second Half champ.

5) Batters' HR totals hit in the first half of the season will not count toward the owner's total. Only HRs hit after Thursday will count.

6) The owner with the most HRs at the end of the regular season wins the Second Half of the challenge.

7) The owner who compiles the most overall home runs throughout the season (First Half/Second Half total) is our Home Run Derby Champion. He will be awarded 10 bonus Commissioner's Cup points.

Points will be awarded as follows in both the first half and second half:
1st = 45pts
2nd = 40pts
3rd = 35pts
4th = 30pts
5th = 27pts
6th = 24pts
7th = 21pts
8th = 18pts
9th = 15pts
10th = 12pts
11th = 9pts
12th = 6pts
13th = 3pts
* Owners must enter to earn points
**Owner with the most overall HRs (1st/2nd Half Total) receives 10 bonus points
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Legends League Home Run Derby - 2nd Half
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