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 Legends League Report (5.8.10)

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PostSubject: Legends League Report (5.8.10)   Sat May 08, 2010 3:05 pm

Legends League Report
May 8, 2010

Minor League Draft
--Pencil in Thursday, June 10th as the start of the Legends League minor league draft. Our draft begins the day following the close of the MLB draft, June 7-9. The draft will be a message board draft but I haven't decided yet which message board I'll use. My first option is our Legends League home forum, but I haven't ruled out using the ESPN league message board or even CBox. But I think CBox might be a little difficult to keep organized. I welcome any input on the matter. Please reply back and share your thoughts.


Commissioner Cup Standings
--Here's the latest Cup Standings:

Congratulations to Jim Kindle who improved from 9th to a 3-way tie for 3rd after winning the Last Man Standing event! A new challenge will soon be announced and don't forget to make your selection each week for the Game of the Week. Two new Game of the Week competitors will be named Sunday night!


Cash Pool Standings
--Here is how our Cash Pool contestants are looking in the battle for the cash:

-Carlton Lane (48-24)
-Jim Armentrout (44-28)
-Greg Stoker (44-28)
-Eli Gulsby (41-31)
-Mike Howell (41-31)
-Randall Fields (35-37)
-Paul Farrell (32-40)
-Sal Farruggia (30-42)
*Standings as of Week 4
**Cash Pool Winner
#1 World Series Champion
#2 World Series Runner-up
#3 Semi-Final loser with most categories won
#4 Semi-Final loser with least categories won
#5 Wild Card loser with most categories won
#6 Wild Card loser with least categories won
#7 Non-playoff team with most categories won
#1 Head to head most categories won
#2 Commissioner Cup Points

Other league prizes are $50 and a trophy to our World Series Champion and $25 to the World Series Runner-up. Everyone is eligible for those. We've completed one month, and much more is planned. Stay tuned and compete!


ESPN League Homepage:

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Legends League Report (5.8.10)
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