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PostSubject: COMMISSIONER'S CHALLENGE: Last Man Standing   Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:02 am


ENTRY DEADLINE: 1PM EST Tuesday, April 27th

DETAILS: Our next event is all about hitting. It was submitted by Carlton Lane as one of his favorites and it's a good one. All you have to do is pick a batter ON YOUR TEAM you think will get a hit on the dates listed below. If your batter gets a hit, you earn two points and advance to the next round. If your batter goes hitless in any round, his owner is elliminated. The contest continues until one man is left standing. There will be two or three-day breaks between each round. You may choose a different batter for each round.

Here is the schedule:
Round 1: Tuesday, April 27
Round 2: Thursday, April 29
Round 3: Sunday, May 2
Round 4: Tuesday, May 4
(Future Rounds to be announced)

(*PPD Games: If your batter's game is postponed or your batter does not start, your round is carried over to the next day and you must keep the same batter. If the game is postponed a second day or your batter does not play, you are eliminated)

-Deadline for entry is Noon, Tuesday, April 27
-There are several rounds for this competition
-Select a batter you think will record a hit each round
-Owners may choose different batters for each round
-If an owner wants to use a different batter in each round, he must submit the batter's name before the round commences
-Rounds officially begin at 1pm EST each day the round is scheduled
-If a batter records a hit, his owner advances to the next round
-Two points are awarded for successfully advancing to the next round
-PPD/Rainout games: The owner's round is carried over to the next day. If the batter does not compete the following day for any reason, the owner is eliminated
-The last owner standing wins the contest

-5pts for entering
-2pts for successfully advancing each round
-Expected point range for this contest 5 to 25pts

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