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 HR Derby Standings (Week 2)

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PostSubject: HR Derby Standings (Week 2)   Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:23 pm

Shoeless Joe jumps out to an early lead...

Here is our first update on the HR Derby. Sal Farruggia and I are each running spreadsheets and have compared results. These are the official totals through Saturday, April 17th:

1st - Randall Fields (Shoeless Joe Jackson)-------23
2nd - Jonathan Ferris (Men's Men)-----------------21
3rd - Ryan Dempsey (One Man Wolfpack)---------20
3rd - Greg Stoker (Iron Range White Lightning)---20
5th - Jim Armentrout (Say Hey Kids)---------------18
5th - Sal Farruggia (New York Rebels)-------------18
7th - Eric Koeck (Chuck Norris Approved)----------17
7th - Zack Albatt (R Kelly Golden Shower VIP)-----17
9th - Carlton Lane (Pride of the Yankees)---------16
10th - Eli Gulsby (Ripken's Iron Men)--------------13
10th - Jim Kindle (Machine Gun Kindle)------------13
12th - Dave Swanegan (Harley Hitman)------------12
13th - Paul Farrell (Starch Green Lights)-----------10

Nelson Cruz has paid off well for Shoeless Joe and those who drafted him. Prince Fielder oddly enough has yet to hit one out of the park. If you're tracking your own squad's total, don't forget to subtract your batter with the fewest HRs from your total.
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HR Derby Standings (Week 2)
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