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 Legends League Report (3.20.10)

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PostSubject: Legends League Report (3.20.10)   Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:32 pm

Legends League Report
March 13, 2010

Cash Pool
--I've received three entry fees for our cash pool thus far. For those of you who want to enter, please send your $10 entry fee via Pay Pal to ymichael@bellsouth.net

Entries have been received from:
-Paul Farrell
-Jimmie Armentrout
-Carlton Lane

Entries must be received no later than April 4th. I'm also tossing in $10, so that puts the cash pool at $40 so far. Only those who enter will be eligible to win.


Home Run Derby
--The 2010 Legends League Home Run Derby is now underway! The rules are simple, put together a "dream team" of eight batters you think will slug the most home runs between now and the All-Star break. For full details, visit the ESPN league webpage. The deadline for entry is March 31st.


March Madness

--Our March Madness Final Four challenge is now down to two remaining competitors. Shoeless Joe and Sal Farruggian have advanced through the field and their teams go head to head today. Sal has the Indians and Shoeless has the Dodgers today at $pm ET.

There's also a little basketball tournament going on a few people refer to as March Madness. As of this writing, Jonathan Ferris is leading.


Free Agent Values
--Please visit the ESPN league page and vote on free agent values. I think we're all in agreement that the cost of free agents is a bit steep. Currently, any free agent you sign costs $10. This does not affect us during the season, but next year when you're required to trim your roster to $260 it will have an impact.


ESPN League Homepage:

The Legends League
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Legends League Report (3.20.10)
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