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 Legends League Report (2.21.10)

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Legends League Report (2.21.10) Empty
PostSubject: Legends League Report (2.21.10)   Legends League Report (2.21.10) EmptySun Feb 21, 2010 9:32 am

Legends League Report
February, 21, 2010

Commissioner's Challenge: The Name Game
--Our latest Commissioner's Challenge is in progress. Four owners have entered the contest. Visit the the league message board on ESPN.com for rules.

Entries have been received from:
-Dave Swanegan
-Jim Armentrout
-Erik K
-Ryan Dempsey

The deadline for entry is Monday at 7pm ET


New Commissioner's Challenge Coming
--Shortly after The Name Game challenge ends, a new Commissioner's Challenge will be announced. It will be announced Wednesday and will feature the start of Spring Training. Yes, Spring Training is upon us!


Money League?
--A poll is up on the ESPN page to see if there is enough interest to start a side cash pool. The league is free and no one should feel obligated, this is simply for those who want to throw in a few extra bucks on the side. Only those who enter will be allowed to compete for the cash. I need a head count, so please visit the ESPN league page and cast your vote.


ESPN League Homepage:

The Legends League
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Legends League Report (2.21.10)
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