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 Legends League Report (2.14.10)

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Legends League Report (2.14.10) Empty
PostSubject: Legends League Report (2.14.10)   Legends League Report (2.14.10) EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 3:10 pm

Legends League Report
February, 14, 2010

ESPN League Page Up
--Eight of our 14 members have signed into the league page at ESPN. Invites were emailed, but some owners reported they did not receive their notices. Everyone should have an invite now but if you do not, please reply to this report and let me know.


Commissioner's Challenge Coming
--Our next Commissioner's Challenge will be announced shortly after everyone joins the league. It's a simple event but could create a little controversy, rivalries, or alliances. More to come soon!


Draft Day Prep
--It's never too early to start your draft day preparations. I recommend that everyone edit your draft list and adjust the auction day bid values...even if you plan on being at the draft. The draft will be held live on March 14th at 4pm ET in an ESPN draft lobby. If you cannot make the draft, ESPN uses an autobid system and will bid for you, but if it is possible for you to be online, please do so.

For more information on the ESPN Draft system go to:


ESPN League Homepage:

The Legends League
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Legends League Report (2.14.10)
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