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 Legends League Report (1.24.10)

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PostSubject: Legends League Report (1.24.10)   Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:27 pm

The Legends League Report
--January 24, 2010

Constitution Ratified
--The Legends League Constitution is now ratified. Thanks to everyone who voted. One item has been amended. We have adopted 9x9 scoring categories for the 2010 season. They are: AVG, HR, R, RBI, SB, CS, KO, W, OPS x ERA, WHIP, W, L, SV, BS, BBI, K, HD.
This concludes our GM Winter Meetings. As we progress through the season if anyone has suggestions or ideas, please forward them. I'm sure we'll discover that some ideas work and others may not. I'm open to change.


Commissioner’s Challenge!
--The next Commissioner’s Challenge will be announced tomorrow. Ironically and probably for the only time this season, the challenge will not focus on baseball. Instead it will be a Super Bowl event. Hot Stove news is about the only thing happening in baseball right now, and I can’t let one of the biggest sports events of the year go by without even a nod. Besides, the fantasy football season is over and this will give you all a reason to cheer on one of the two teams.

ESPN League Invites
--ESPN will soon launch its 2010 season. I’m expecting to see signups go out around mid-February. Whenever it happens, you will see league invites from me. Two or three of you may have to register, but the registration process is simple. When you join the league, you may name your team anything you’d like…even those of you who have already named your teams. Our league message board at Forumotion will remain in place to be used as a reference for player contracts, our constitution, and legends-related items.


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Legends League Report (1.24.10)
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