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Welcome to The Legends League, a fantasy baseball league hosted by ESPN
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 Introducing -- The Legends League

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PostSubject: Introducing -- The Legends League   Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:09 pm

The Legends League is a directly descended from four elimination fantasy baseball leagues on ESPN. In 2008 The Mafia Leagues first appeared on ESPN. Forty owners battled in those leagues in a very unique "Survivor-style format. One by one, owners who faltered were cut. They learned that to survive, they must work in alliances yet fiercely battle. They used colorful team names like Machine Gun, Back Stabber, Shoeless Joe, Fibonacci's Thugs/ Many of those "survivors" compete here, in the Legends League.

Legends League owners cover a wide spectrum of society. Our ages range from teens to 50's. We have teachers and students, coaches, a writer, a lifeguard, and even a London cabby. Our fantasy sports experience ranges from two years to 15. We seem as different as a ball and a strike, a hit or an out, a pitcher or batter. But one thing we share and the thing which brings us together...our love of baseball.

-Welcome to the Legends League


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Introducing -- The Legends League
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