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 Legends League Report (1.10.10)

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PostSubject: Legends League Report (1.10.10)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:06 pm

The Legends League Report
--January 10, 2010

Commissioner's Challenge #2
--Over the past several days, I've been busy working in the background on our next Commissioner's Challenge. Expect details to be released sometime this week. To compete in this challenge, you will need to be registered on our league message board. The following members have registered:

Randall Fields
Eric K
Carlton Lane
Jim Kindle
Dave Swanegan
Ryan Dempsey
Greg Stoker
Jonathan Ferris

If your name is not on this list, please register on the league message board. You'll need to do so in order to compete in the next challenge.


GM Winter Meeting (Final Week)
--We are entering the final week of discussions on changes to the league constitution. Thus far, we have two issues that will go to a league vote. One is whether to use a 6x6 or 9x9 format. The other is how many playoff teams enter post season...six or four. I'm going to open a third topic today regarding minor league contracts. Check it out on the league message board.

The GM Meeting closes at midnight EST Friday. On Saturday, a poll will be posted with the changes that seem to have had the most support or interest. All GMs will have until January 22 midnight EST to vote.


Division Realignment
--If you've been to the league message board lately, you may have noticed some shuffling in the divisional alignments. I've moved GMs around to promote rivalries. For example: I've moved Ryan and Eric into the same division and placed our three newest GMs together. The moves are all "proposed." They do not lock until we go live on ESPN.

If anyone wants to be in a division other than what is shown on the message board, please let me know. Maybe you'd like to square off against a particular opponent. Maybe you want to avoid someone!


Team Named
--GM Randall Fields has selected a name for his team and it's one most of you will know well. That's right, the notorious Shoeless Joe is back. Randall is the third owner to name his team. If you choose a name for your team, simply email it to me. Or you can wait for the league to open on ESPN. You may change your team name at any time.


That's it for now. Remember, if you haven't registered on the league message board, please do so soon. Expect to see details on our next Commissioner's Challenge and league introductions coming soon!

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Legends League Report (1.10.10)
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