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Welcome to The Legends League, a fantasy baseball league hosted by ESPN
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 League Goals

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PostSubject: League Goals   Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:59 am

The goal of The Legends League is to get 8-12 smart and dedicated owners who will play year after year. To do that, the league must be fun, entertaining, interesting but not time consuming.

Interesting: It's hoped that you will find player contracts, salaries, and the arbitration features interesting. The head to head roto setup should also add to the interest. The roster with it's deep bench has been set up in way which should allow for strategic moves in each of the 9x9 categories. The deep bench should also increase trading.

Entertaining: The Commissioner's Challenge is a series of side contests to add a level of entertainment. You may not win the league this season, but if you win the Commissioner's Challenge, you will still get a prize.

Not Time Consuming: The league, with it's contracts, salaries, and such, may at first look like it's going to require a lot of attention. But the contracts are simply a way to determine who is eligible for you to keep as keeper at the end of the season. The salaries only apply at the start of the season for drafting. None of us, the commissioner included, have a lot of time on our hands. Every effort will be made to keep your involvement with the league to a minimum.

Fun: Only the owners can make the league fun. It's hoped that rivalries will be built, smack will be flung, and you all will have fun

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League Goals
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