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 Spotlight: The Hot Stove League

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PostSubject: Spotlight: The Hot Stove League   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:06 pm

There's a baseball league where no games are played, but in many years this league plays a key role in determining who will be the World Series champion.

It's called the Hot Stove League. It occurs during the offseason when teams make trades and players sign with new teams. Teams move players like a game of Old Maid in hopes of putting together a winning combination.

The Hot Stove League is one of those baseball traditions from America’s past. It got its name back in the days when televisions weren’t readily available and folks heated their homes with big potbellied stoves. Baseball was the nation’s most popular sport. Fans gathered around the warm stoves during the cold months and do what else? Why, talk baseball, of course.

A lot has changed over the years. The potbellied stoves are gone and distractions are everywhere. But the tradition of the Hot Stove League remains. The winter meetings are upon us. The moves teams make now could play a key role in how they perform in 2010.
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Spotlight: The Hot Stove League
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