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 2015 Free Agent Auction

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PostSubject: 2015 Free Agent Auction   Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:11 pm

2015 Free Agent Auction

March 8th - 26th

Invites Sent: Check your email

The 2015 Free Agent Auction begins tonight!  The auction will be conducted via a Google Docs spreadsheet featuring the top free agent batters and pitchers.

Once the auction begins, no names may be added to the list. Rosters are locked and no players may be dropped until the auction ends. If you have a player who is DL eligible, send that player's name to the commish for DL "reassignment." Trades may still be conducted provided neither team exceeds the salary cap.

This evening the spreadsheet will unlock and the auction officially begins. If you have problems logging into the document, please review "Logging In" section below, or email the commissioner.

Notes: Bids lock once they have been in place for two minutes. High bids may not be reduced or removed.

Owners will receive daily emails showing all players receiving bids and the time remaining in their auctions. The commissioner will also email "outbid notices" as time permits, but please do not rely on these updates and keep a routine check as the auction proceeds.

Auction Rules:
-Bids must be placed in your team’s column only
-The spreadsheet must not be altered in any way other than by bidding
-All bids are time stamped
-High bids that have been in place for two minutes cannot be removed
-Bids must be placed in $1 increments (not $1.01, etc)
-Bids may be emailed to the Commissioner
-Bids submitted via email will be posted using the time received in the Commissioner’s Inbox
-Bidding ends when a high bid has stood for 48 hours
-Owners must not exceed the “$$ Available,” “Maximum Bid” or “Open Roster Slots”
-Owners are not required to fill all roster vacancies, but the “Maximum Bid” must not be exceeded

Notes on the spreadsheet:
-The player list is composed of batters and pitchers based on ESPN’s Player Rater projections for our league ("Players" tab--"Projections"--"View Sortable Projections"--"Available")
Owner $$ Available: The total cash available to spend during the auction
Maximum Bid: The highest bid an owner may place on a single player (May not be exceeded)
Open Roster Slots: The maximum number of players an owner may bid on (May not be exceeded)
-There are four tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet..."Auction," "Bid Status." "Rosters," and "Formulas"
-Owners will use only the "Auction" tab when placing bids (Place bids under your team column)
-The "Bid Status" tab will show the time remaining before a player is sold (Updated by Commish)
-The "Rosters" shows your team roster and cash balances (Updated by Commish)
-"Formulas" (Updated by Commish)
-Please bid whole numbers (Ex: 1, not 1.01)

Chat: There is a chat box on the upper right corner of the spreadsheet. Chatting is part of the fun!To ac There are also colored boxes near the chat icon that show when collaborators are online.

Logging In: When joining the the spreadsheet as a collaborator, please use the invitation link you receive via email. If you have problems logging in, it's probably one of two issues...

-You did not use the invitation link
-Your login information (email address) does not match the email address entered by the commissioner. If this happens, please forward me the email address you are using to access the spreadsheet. You can find it by looking at the upper right corner of the spreadsheet.

-The auction begins tonight! Enjoy!

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2015 Free Agent Auction
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