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 2014 Minor League Auction

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PostSubject: 2014 Minor League Auction   Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:22 pm

2014 Minor League Auction

The 2014 Minor League Auction is now underway!  Check your email for invites to the auction. If you can't log into the spreadsheet or have technical issues, you may place bids via email to the commissioner.

Auction Rules:
-Owners have $100 plus $1 for each open roster spot
-The maximum bid is $100 for a player
-If two owners bid $100 on the same player, the team with the worst record wins the bid. (If both teams have matching records, the team next on the waiver order wins the bid)
-The spreadsheet must not be altered in any way other than by bidding
-Bids must be placed in whole dollar increments (not $1.01 for example)
-Bids may be emailed to the Commissioner
-Bidding ends when a high bid stands for 48 hours
-High bids may not be reduced or undone
-Owners must not exceed the “$$ Available,” “Maximum Bid” or “Open Roster Slots”

Notes on the spreadsheet:
-The player list is divided into four parts:
[1] Top 60 picks from the MLB Draft
[2] Unclaimed prospects (ranked by MLB.com scouting grade)
[3] International players
[4] Requested players

Owner $$ Available: This is the total cash an owner has available to spend during the auction
Maximum Bid: The highest bid an owner may place on a single player (May not be exceeded)
Open Roster Slots: The maximum number of players an owner may bid on (May not be exceeded)
-There are four tabs at the bottom of  the spreadsheet..."Auction," "Bid Status." "Rosters," and "Formulas"
-Owners will use only the "Auction" tab when placing bids (Place bids under your team column)
-The "Bid Status" tab will show the time remaining before a player is sold (Updated by Commish)

Notes: Owners will receive daily emails showing player bids and the time remaining in their auctionss

Enjoy the auction everyone!

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2014 Minor League Auction
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