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PostSubject: COMMISSIONER'S CHALLENGE!   Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:44 pm


ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday 9pm ET in Commissioner's Email

DETAILS: Like the TV show Jeopardy, the Commissioner's Cup and the $50 cash prize come down to this final challenge. Your last event of the 2012 Legends League season is to correctly answer this statement:

The winner of the 2012 MLB World Series wll be...

To enter, simply pick a World Series winner, decide how many of your Commissioner Cup points want to wager, and email your entry to the Commish. If you don't want to wager any points, you must email me and let me know. To be eligible for the Commissioner's Cup and the $50 prize, you must enter this final event.

Commissioner Cup Pts
Eli Gulsby 174
Carlton Lane 159
Zac Albatt 140
Stephen Howell 138
Dave Swanegan 135
Eric Koeck 122
Ted Wysor 120
Stan Andruszkiewicz 116
Randall Fields 104
Jim Kindle 101
Sal Farruggia 90

In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker is as follows:
-Game of the Week points
-Trophy Leader Stars (see the league trophy showcase)
-Overall Record
-Head to Head Record

-Deadline for entry is Monday, 9pm ET
-Submit your entries via email to the commissioner
-Decide how many Commissioner Cup points to wager
-Pick the winner of the 2012 MLB World Series

-Correctly picking a series wioner = wagered points won
-Incorrect pick of a series wioner = wagered points lost

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