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 Contract Negotiation Schedule...

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PostSubject: Contract Negotiation Schedule...   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:32 am

Tomorrow, September 24th, all player contracts in the Legends League will be reduced one year. General managers will have players with "0 Years Left" on their rosters. Note: Those players will remain on your team until January 15th, 2013.

GMs are not required to make contract decisions now. January 15th was selected to give us time to look at the early 2013 projections before we make final decisions on our contract extensions. Any players who are not extended by midnight ET January 15th, will be placed in the 2013 Free Agent Auction in March.

At the end of the Major League Baseball season, players will be revalued based on their 2012 season stats to determine whether they are $3/per year or $8/per year players. I will notify any owners of players whose values will increase and you'll have almost 30 days to extend them before their price goes up.

Owners may extend a player at any time and are not required to wait for the revaluing or the January 15th deadline. To extend a player, simply email me at Legends2k10@gmail.com. Players may be extended provided your team is not over salary cap.

Contract Worksheet: Each team has a Contract Worksheet to assist with calculating your team's payroll. You can find it by clicking "Contracts" on the ESPN League page, select your team, and click "Contracts Worksheet."

Contract Negotiation Schedule
September 24th: All contracts reduced by one year
October 6th: Revaluing of 3/per year and 8/per year players
October 31st: Deadline for extending revalued players
December 31st: Free agent pickup deadline
January 15th: Last day to extend players with "0" years on contracts
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Contract Negotiation Schedule...
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